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Call for Applications - Human Rights and Infectious Diseases: Lessons from the United Nations

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Human rights can be severely impacted by infectious diseases and how societies deal with them. The Covid-19 pandemic is a recent, dramatic example of this truism.

Throughout the last decades, numerous instances of the United Nations have contributed to large, solid documentation of the challenges that infectious diseases bring to human rights.

Facts and Norms' project “Human Rights and Infectious Diseases: Lessons from the United Nations” aims at identifying and systematizing these contributions.

Background and Eligibility

Facts and Norms is an international research center devoted to the study of International Human Rights matters. We conduct innovative analysis grounded on human rights, developed by a team of experts from all the corners of the globe.

Our current call for applications aims to recruit researchers to the Institute’s team, with the primary goal of developing the project "Human Rights and Infectious Diseases: Lessons from the United Nations".

We seek hardworking and creative-thinking individuals interested in international law and human rights. We seek participation from all ranks and professional backgrounds and a diverse pool of applicants. In this regard, we aim to provide opportunities to both experienced and beginning researchers.


Becoming a member of the Institute may be of great interest to individuals who aim to develop and apply skills of legal research in international law and human rights – and to those who appreciate the practical, educational and moral value of building a report whose theme is relevant to humankind as a whole. The fellowship is not remunerated. Other benefits apply:

- Selected applicants will receive gratuitous training in legal research given by professionals with varied work experience in international organizations (with certificate upon completion) and a meaningful research opportunity with flexible workload and schedule;

- Research fellows will also be included as co-authors to the final report – a forthcoming publication with ISBN that will be made available to the public and will be circulated among diplomats, scholars, practitioners, social movements, governments and other relevant actors.

The fellowship is intended to allow for part-time contributions, ranging from 3 to 20 weekly hours. Participation in the project is planned to last for 3 months, with the possibility of renewal.

Application Instructions

Starting from 3 April 2021, applicants shall fill the form available at following link (also in our website’s menu): Application Form.

The Institute welcomes candidates with a legal background, and also candidates from different backgrounds who are interested in international law and human rights.

The recruitment process is expected to be concluded within two months.

Update note (7 May 2021): This call for applications ended on the 2nd of May, 2021. For more news and updates, please subscribe at the subscription box below.

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