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Welcome to the Facts and Norms Newsletter, a periodical bulletin with World News, new developments in international law and human rights, recent rulings by international courts and tribunals, and selected academic and professional opportunities!


The Facts and Norms Newsletter, n.º 5, 25 May 2024.


ICJ indicates additional provisional measures in Gaza case. ICJ denies

Mexico request for provisional measures in Embassy case. ITLOS issues

landmark advisory opinion on climate change and international law. ICC

Prosecutor applies for arrest warrants in the situation in the State of

Palestine. Libya files declaration of intervention in Gaza case. ICJ authorizes

the OACPS to participate in the proceedings concerning the Right to Strike.

ICJ denies Nicaragua’s request for provisional measures in Palestine case.

UN World News in Brief: Myanmar violence, Brazil's refugee response,

Bahá'í detainees in Yemen, children in Eastern DR Congo, Iran death

sentence, support for Haitians. IACtHR finds El Salvador responsible for

forced disappearances during armed conflict in the case of Sandoval and

others. IACtHR finds El Salvador violated judicial guarantees in the case of

Aguirre Magaña. IACtHR presents 2023 Annual Report. IACtHR to visit Brazil

for climate emergency dialogue. IACtHR concludes 166th Regular Session

with the deliberation of key cases. IACtHR concludes historical climate

emergency dialogue in Barbados. ACHPR condemns attempted coup in the

Democratic Republic of Congo. ACHPR to hold its 79th Ordinary Session.

ACHPR expresses concern over floods in Kenya. ACHPR commemorates

World Press Freedom Day. ACHPR convenes workshop on AI and human

rights in Nairobi. #DiscoverMyAfrica: Celebrating African life. ACHPR inaugurates Joint Forum of Special Mechanisms. ACHPR laments the deaths of 38 migrants in Djibouti. African and ECOWAS courts reinforce partnership. ECHR judgments: Domenjoud v. France, Lutgen v. Luxembourg, Mirzoyan v. Czech Republic, Somogyi v. Hungary, Mitreska v. North Macedonia, Balan v. Moldova, A.K. v. Russia, Biba v. Albania, A.D. and others v. Sweden, Thomaidis v. Greece, Tsaava and others v. Georgia, The J. Paul Getty Trust and others v. Italy. Selected Academic & Professional Opportunities.

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The Facts and Norms Newsletter, n.º 4, 26 April 2024.


Contents: News from the International Court of Justice: Climate Change Proceedings Involve WHO, Extensive Updates on the Gaza Strip. Public Hearings: Nicaragua v. Germany, Azerbaijan v. Armenia on Racial Discrimination. USA Joins Right to Strike Advisory Proceedings. Mexico Sues Ecuador Over Embassy Inviolability. Record Submissions in Climate Change Advisory Proceedings. News from the European Human Rights System: Rulings on Climate Change, Freedom of Expression, Expulsions, and More. News from the Inter-American System: Ecuador Condemned Over Whistleblower Case. Upcoming 166th Period of Sessions. Honduras Held Accountable for Arbitrary Dismissal of Judges. Argentina Complies with Reparation Orders in Almeida Case. News from the African System: AfCHPR and Red Cross Conduct Human Rights Training. ACHPR: Concerns Over Child Abduction in Nigeria, Mass Grave in Libya, Togo's Ban on Demonstrations, Political Restrictions in Mali. First Joint Forum of Special Mechanisms Announced. UN World News in Brief: Sexual Slavery in Sudan, Mass Grave in Libya, Children’s Rights Crisis in Congo. Tribute to Victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Haiti’s Security Crisis. Academic & Professional Opportunities: Calls for Papers on AI in Africa and Environmental Law, Various Academic Positions and Legal Fellowships, Legal Internship at World Bank, Human Rights Researcher Role at ILGA, Senior Coordination Officer at UNEP, and other global opportunities. News from the Facts and Norms institute: FNI submits Amicus Curiar briefing about Human Rights and Climate Change to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

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The Facts and Norms Newsletter, n.º 3, 25 Mar. 2024.

Contents: ICJ: Nicaragua sues Germany over Palestine and the Gaza Strip. ICJ authorizes PNAO countries to participate in Advisory proceedings. South Africa files new urgent request in Genocide Case against Israel. How to Develop Ethical AI. UN World News in Brief: Racism, Algorithms, Methane Emissions, Mpox, Peacebuilding. Inter-Am. Court Concludes 165 Period of Sessions. Colombia faces  accountability for arbitrary intelligence operations against human rights defenders. Brazil responsible for extrajudicial executions and the death and injuries of rural workers in a protest. Peru accountable for health and environmental rights' violations in La Roya. African Commission fosters the ratification of additional human rights treaties. African Commission and African Commitee express concern over Female Genital Mutilation in the Gambia. European Court of Human Rights issues eleven new Chamber judgments. Selected Academic & Professional Opportunities.

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The Facts and Norms Newsletter, n.º 2, 23 Feb. 2024.

Contents: ICJ allegations of genocide: Ukraine v. Russia and South Africa v. Israel. Public hearings on the legality of the Israeli occupation. UN "World News in Brief . Inter-American Court concludes its 164 period of sessions. No violations in Cajahuanca Vásquez v. Peru. African Court of Human and People's Rights' new judgments. European Court of Human Rights' new chamber judgments. Selected Academic & Professional Opportunities. News from the Institute.

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The Facts and Norms Newsletter, n.º 1, 23 Jan. 2024.

Contents: ICJ concludes first hearings on South Africa's Genocide Case against Israel. Forthcoming hearings of the Inter-American Court, and judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. UN "World News in Brief". UN urges the U.S. to halt execution by asphyxiation. Selected Academic & Professional Opportunities.

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