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Facts and Norms Institute is an independent academic institution based in the Global South, with associated members from all continents. The Institute’s mission is straightforward: to promote a rational, human rights-based approach to social issues.

Since its establishment, the Institute conducted research on various topics, including:

  • human rights and infectious diseases,

  • torture and torture prevention,

  • religious intolerance, violence and racism,

  • social participation,

  • transitional justice and sustainable development,

  • the role of non-state actors (businesses) in transitional justice,

  • the human rights of persons with albinism,

  • criminalization of persons living in the street and in extreme poverty,

  • the protection of lawyers,

  • the human rights of indigenous and rural communities to water and sanitation,

  • militarization of indigenous and quilombola land,

  • human rights and internet shutdowns,

  • contemporary forms of slavery and the informal economy,

  • mercury, artisanal and small-scale gold-mining and human rights,

  • and adequate housing and climate change.

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