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Access to Information on Climate Change: new FNI input to the United Nations

The Facts and Norms Institute, an independent academic institution with a mission to promote human rights-based education and research, has submitted a new study to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Climate Change.

For her upcoming report to to the UN General Assembly in October 2024, the Special Rapporteur will examine the specificities, challenges, and good practices related to access to information on climate change and human rights. In preparation for this report, the Special Rapporteur invited contributions from relevant stakeholders and the Facts and Norms Institute is among the contributors.

Titled "Access to Information on Climate Change and Human Rights," the Institute's study provides insights into the crucial role of information access in addressing the climate crisis and its impact on human rights.

It focuses on two key areas:

  • Identifying and preventing negative impacts of climate change on human rights: The study highlights the need for comprehensive data collection and sharing, encompassing environmental data, socioeconomic indicators, health information, impact assessments, policy and governance data, capacity building and education initiatives, documentation of human rights violations, and information on international cooperation efforts.

  • Addressing undue barriers to accessing information: The study examines the challenges faced in Brazil, including a lack of scientific literacy, pervasive antiscientific rhetoric, and a tendency towards short-term electoral reasoning over long-term, science-based governance.

The study draws upon a variety of sources, including international legal instruments, case law, academic publications, media reports, and the Institute's own previous research on human rights and climate change. It specifically examines the Inter-American human rights system's significant contributions to clarifying the scope and content of the right to access information in this context.

Professor Henrique Napoleão Alves, Director of the Facts and Norms Institute, emphasizes the submission's significance:

"Our new submission to the UN underscores the urgent need to prioritize public access to reliable, accurate, and culturally appropriate information on climate change. This is crucial for empowering individuals and communities to understand the crisis, advocate for meaningful action, and hold governments and corporations accountable."

To read the full study, click here:

Alves HN. Access to Information on Climate Change and Human Rights. UN Input
Download PDF • 827KB


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