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Facts and Norms Institute Collaborates with the American Society of International Law

Updated: Jun 3


The Facts and Norms Institute (FNI) proudly announces the commencement of a new collaboration with the American Society of International Law (ASIL). This partnership focuses on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Interest Group Newsletter, a publication addressing the ongoing developments and challenges faced by indigenous communities worldwide.

Henrique Napoleão Alves, Director of FNI, writer and editor, has been appointed to lead the editorial efforts alongside co-editor Catherine van Kampen.

This collaboration aims to bring together expertise from both organizations to perpetuate the quality and reach of the newsletter. The joint editorial team, composed of assistant editors from diverse backgrounds, will work diligently to highlight critical issues, share key developments, and provide insightful analyses on indigenous rights.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with ASIL on this important publication. Our goal is to amplify indigenous voices and ensure that their rights and challenges are brought to the forefront of international discussions," said Alves.

The newsletter will cover a wide range of topics, including recent legal developments, recommendations from UN and treaty bodies, and updates on regional and international initiatives related to indigenous rights. The first issue under this new collaboration is scheduled for release in 2023. 


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