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Facts and Norms welcomes a new team of Researchers

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Human rights can be severely impacted by infectious diseases. The Covid-19 pandemic is a recent, dramatic example of this truism.

Throughout the last decades, numerous instances of the United Nations have contributed to large, solid documentation of the challenges that infectious diseases bring to human rights.

Facts and Norms' project “Human Rights and Infectious Diseases” aims at identifying and systematizing all these contributions.

An initial set of 5,500 documents was identified. And a first team was formed, comprising 32 researchers coming from all continents.

The Institute is now expanding its efforts.

After a careful recruitment process, the following Researchers were selected and signed:

Ana Prokic, Arina Lazareva, Athanasia Triantou, Brulinda Haxhiu, Carolina Djovana da Silveira Freire, Carolina Xavier Santos, Christina Burke, Damián Tuset Varela, Federica Gallo, Igor Carvalho Ulhoa Faria, Jane W. Gerald, João Paulo Falavinha Marcon, Lorena Bastos, Milan Subedi, Patricia Iacob, Samyuktha Banusekar, Walter Gustavo da Silva Lemos.

Facts and Norms congratulates the new researchers for being selected. The Institute is glad to welcome them to the knowledge front for human dignity.


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