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ASIL and Facts and Norms Institute Releases New Issue of the Indigenous Peoples' Rights Newsletter

Updated: Jun 3

The Facts and Norms Institute (FNI) and the American Society of International Law (ASIL) proudly announce the release of the latest edition of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Interest Group (RIPIG) Newsletter, covering the period from July to December 2023. This publication continues the successful collaboration between FNI and ASIL, dedicated to addressing key developments in indigenous rights.

Henrique Napoleão Alves, Director of FNI, once again led the editorial efforts with co-editor Catherine van Kampen. The newsletter features detailed updates from UN and treaty bodies, and significant regional and international reports on indigenous rights.

"We are immensely proud of the work we continue to do through this collaboration. The newsletter serves as an essential platform for raising awareness and advocating for the rights of indigenous peoples globally," said Alves.

Key highlights of this issue include:

  • Call for Papers: An invitation for contributions to an edited volume on "Indigenous Theories of International Law", seeking to present Indigenous conceptions of legal orders that are separate from state-centric international law.

  • Indigenous Rights Developments: Detailed updates on recent legal developments and significant events affecting indigenous rights worldwide.

  • Recommendations from UN and Treaty Bodies: Insights and recommendations from various UN bodies and treaty organizations concerning the rights of indigenous peoples.

  • Webinars and Events: Reports on webinars co-hosted with the Latin American Interest Group and other events focusing on issues such as the impact of lithium mining on indigenous communities and the repatriation of indigenous cultural property.

The newsletter aims to provide a comprehensive resource for scholars, practitioners, and advocates working in the field of indigenous rights. It serves as a platform to share critical information, foster dialogue, and promote the protection and advancement of indigenous peoples' rights.


For access to the latest issue of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Interest Group Newsletter, visit:

Rights of Indigenous Peoples Interest Group Newsletter, July - December 2023.
Download PDF • 846KB


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